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Combining Articulations and Dynamics

This lesson combines all of the dynamic and articulation markings that are covered in the first seven lessons. If you have any difficulty playing the markings accurately and expressively, go back to the lesson that features the concept that is challenging for you. Scroll down for sample practice exercises from lesson 8 of the Time Expressions book.

Remember to practice slowly and use a metronome to keep a steady tempo. For more exercises, as well as melodies and duets that focus on dynamics and articulations, purchase the Time Expressions book. You can also get a free sample of Lesson 1 of the book. Also, be sure to check out the other Time Focus Music Methods by Kyle Coughlin.

Part 2 - Articulations
Lesson 5 - Slurs
Lesson 6 - Staccatos
Lesson 7 - Accents
Lesson 8 - Putting It Together - Articulations and Dynamics

Exercises to practice a variety of dynamics and articulations in music.