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Purchase the Time Lines Music Method Book

Time Lines Book 1 is now available for woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, as well as piano and recorder. The book consists of 138 one-measure rhythm exercises, 126 rhythm patterns, 126 melodies, and 72 Time Games, which are short, rhythmically challenging pieces that can be played as duets or by a large ensemble. Educational videos of all of the exercises, patterns, and melodies can be found on this site, allowing students to play along and make sure that their rhythm is accurate.

Time Lines can be used for individual or group study. Students can play along with the online recordings by themselves, play the Time Games duets with their teacher or fellow students, or play any of the pieces in the books with an entire band of musicians. Since the concert band instrument editions are all in the same key, groups of any size can play together.

Follow any of the links below to purchase either the PDF version or the print version of the book for your instrument. These web pages also include samples of the melodies for each instrument, as well as information on the pitch range that is used in each book. The books for concert band instruments are all written in the same key (primarily concert B flat major) so that they can practice and rehearse together. The piano version is written for piano alone (primarily in C major). The recorder version is written to be played by soprano or alto recorder (primarily in G major).

Note that the books include all of the printed sheet music for Time Lines. They do not include the Time Lines Color Blocks, but you can always view those images on this website.

Time Lines for Concert Band Instruments:
Time Lines for Flute
Time Lines for Clarinet
Time Lines for Alto Saxophone
Time Lines for Tenor Saxophone
Time Lines for Oboe
Time Lines for Bassoon
Time Lines for Trumpet
Time Lines for Trombone
Time Lines for French Horn
Time Lines for Tuba
Time Lines for Percussion

Time Lines for Piano
Time Lines for Recorder

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