Free sheet music and educational tools

Welcome to, providing musicians and students with lots of free sheet music, fun metronomes, and helpful educational tools. The site is dedicated to helping people have fun making music, so please explore the links to find many useful resources that will help you play music all the time!

Sheet Music

The sheet music section includes an extensive collection of songs arranged specifically for each instrument. There are songs that are suitable for beginner students as well as more advanced players. This part of the site also includes Kyle Coughlin’s publications for SkyLeap Music. You can also jump straight to music for piano, recorder, band, or strings.

Online Metronomes

Free online MetronomeBot is the new home for MetronomeBot, the talking metronome. This section has clicking metronomes, as well as ones that speak the beat and subdivide the beat to help you practice music more effectively and efficiently. There are three talking metronomes that count the beats in groups of two, three, or four, making them a great tool for students playing in many different time signatures.

Learn About Music

This section includes explanations of the elements of music, instrument fingering charts, scale sheets, and other educational tools. If reading music is new to you, there is also a straightforward, easy to understand section on the basics of how to read music. You can also find many selections of blank sheet music and scales and technical exercises here.


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