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Camptown Races sheet music for string orchestra

Music for string instrumentsThis arrangement of Camptown Races is written in the key of concert G, so that all string instruments can play the song together. Select a link below for a free printable PDF of the song for your instrument. If you are looking for the piece in a different key, would like to see the chords for the song, or would like to find out about its history, visit the main Camptown Races lead sheet page. The band arrangement of Camptown Races is in the key of B flat, so if you want to combine string instruments with woodwinds and brass, select your desired key on that page. To determine the correct key for transposing instruments, visit the transposition chart page.

Camptown Races for violin
Camptown Races for viola
Camptown Races for cello
Camptown Races for bass

Camptown Races for piano
Camptown Races for recorder
Camptown Races for band

Camptown Races lyrics