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Time Lines Rhythm Exercise E408
Dotted Half Notes in 4/4

Exercise E408 features a dotted half note and quarter rest in 4/4 time. There are four beats in each measure and the quarter note and rest is equal to one beat. Therefore, the dotted half note is equal to three beats. This exercise is one measure long, and it is repeated eight times in the video. You can buy Time Lines Book 1 and see all of the rhythm exercises, patterns, and melodies, as well as the Time Games, in a clearly organized format.

In the video, you will hear a voice count one measure in tempo (“1-2-3-4”) at which point you should start playing the exercise. The voice will continue to count for two measures. The metronome will continue to sound on every beat for the rest of the example. The Time Lines Color Blocks show the relative length of each note and rest, and a magenta line moves across the screen to show when each note and rest begins and ends.


Time Lines Exercise E408

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This exercise is played at 80 BPM (beats per minute) on the pitch concert C. In the fifth and sixth measures the example sound will stop playing, but you should keep playing during that time so you can hear yourself clearly with the metronome. The example will play again in measure 7. If you would like to practice this exercise at a slower or faster tempo, visit the metronome section of Music All the Time.

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