Welcome to Music All the Time!

Over the last ten years I have published several different music education websites and have written more than a dozen books.  Some of the sites have been very successful, with hundreds of thousands of viewers, and some of the sites have faded into obscurity.  My sites offer lots of free sheet music, online talking metronomes, many selections of blank sheet music, clarinet fingering charts, and much more.  During the last several years though, there have been many changes in the standards and best practices of website creation.  Websites today need to be mobile friendly, safe to browse with an SSL, and free of any Flash applications.  Some of my sites fail in most of those categories, so after a lot of thought and planning, I decided to create one new, bigger, better organized website.

The site is MusicAllTheTime.com, and even though it is still in the beginning stages, I am trying to add new material or migrate older content to it every day.  It will include material from my SkyLeap Music website, MetronomeBot, Music-Paper, and other sites, and lots of new sheet music.  I will use this blog to post new developments on the site, as well as any other educational ideas that pop into my mind.  Lots more coming soon!

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  1. Thank you for your amazing educational resources! You have put a lot of work into all this and my students will be able to use for their benefit. From a fellow-educator.

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