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Dynamics - Part 1 of Time Expressions

The term dynamics refers to the volume, or how loud or soft we play when making music. Good use of dynamics can be one of the most expressive aspects of a musical performance. The better we control the volume we are producing, the more effective our performance will be.

Most dynamic markings are Italian words that indicate musical volume, like piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, crescendo, and decrescendo. The lessons in Part 1 of Time Expressions teach the meaning of dynamic markings and feature short exercises, melodies, and duets that will help you improve your expressive abilities as a musician. Select a link below for more information and exercises on each topic for dynamics, or purchase the Time Expressions book.

Lesson 1 - Big Contrasts - Piano and Forte
Lesson 2 - Moderate Contrasts - Mezzo Piano and Mezzo Forte
Lesson 3 - Extended Range - Pianissimo and Fortissimo
Lesson 4 - Gradual Changes - Crescendo and Decrescendo
To learn about basic articulation markings, visit Part 2 of Time Expressions.