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Pianissimo and Fortissimo - Extended Range

Lesson 3 of Time Expressions introduces two more dynamic markings that will require you to expand your dynamic range. When you play very soft and very loud, make sure to always maintain a good tone. Scroll down for sample practice exercises from lesson 3 of the Time Expressions book.

pianissimo = very soft, abbreviated with the letters pp
fortissimo = very loud, abbreviated with the letters ff

The exercises in this lesson begin with the extreme contrast of immediately switching back and forth between pianissimo and fortissimo. To make an effective contrast, try playing as softly as you can and as loudly as you can while sustaining a good tone. For wind and brass players, that means breathing deeply and maintaining a steady, focused embouchure.

For more exercises, as well as melodies and duets that focus on playing pianissimo and fortissimo, purchase the Time Expressions book. You can also get a free sample PDF of Lesson 1 of the book.

Part 1 - Dynamics
Lesson 1 - Big Contrasts - Piano and Forte
Lesson 2 - Moderate Contrasts - Mezzo Piano and Mezzo Forte
Lesson 3 - Extended Range - Pianissimo and Fortissimo
Lesson 4 - Gradual Changes - Crescendo and Decrescendo

Exercises to practice fortissimo and pianissimo dynamic contrasts.