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Mezzo Piano and Mezzo Forte - Moderate Contrasts

In this lesson of Time Expressions we will add two dynamic markings that fall between piano and forte - mezzo piano and mezzo forte. You now have four dynamic markings to work with. They require smaller, more subtle changes in volume. Scroll down for sample practice exercises from lesson 2 of the Time Expressions book.

mezzo piano = medium soft, abbreviated with the letters mp
mezzo forte = medium loud, abbreviated with the letters mf

Begin with Exercise E201 and practice carefully with a metronome. Make sure that you hear a difference in your volume when you move from each measure to the next: soft to medium soft to medium loud to loud. For more exercises, as well as melodies and duets that focus on playing mezzo piano and mezzo forte, purchase the Time Expressions book. You can also get a free sample PDF of Lesson 1 of the book.

Part 1 - Dynamics
Lesson 1 - Big Contrasts - Piano and Forte
Lesson 2 - Moderate Contrasts - Mezzo Piano and Mezzo Forte
Lesson 3 - Extended Range - Pianissimo and Fortissimo
Lesson 4 - Gradual Changes - Crescendo and Decrescendo

Exercises to practice mezzo forte and mezzo piano dynamic changes.