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Time Lines Unit 8 Introduction
How to Play Ties Over the Measure Line

What do you do if you are writing a piece of music in 3/4 but you want to include a note that is five beats long? Since you can’t have a note that is longer than three beats in 3/4, there has to be another solution. For the answer, we can refer back to Unit 3 where we learned about ties. The tie connects notes together without re-articulating them. The example below shows how to create a note that is five beats long in 3/4, by using a tie across the measure line.

Example of notes tied together over a measure line.

Ties can be used to connect multiple notes over measure lines. The number of rhythmic possibilities of tied notes is practically endless. The exercises and patterns included in Time Lines feature many different combinations of tied notes in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4.



Unit 8 Practice Tools:
Exercises: Play exercises with ties over the measure line.
Patterns: Rhythm patterns with Ties over the measure line.
Melodies: Melodic phrases with Ties over the measure line.

Time Lines Unit 8 ExercisesTime Lines Unit 8 Rhythm PatternsTime Lines Unit 8 Melodic PhrasesPurchase the Time Lines Book 1

Practice Tips for Accurate Rhythm and Reading Skills

There are many long notes in these patterns and melodies. When clapping and counting the music, remember to keep your hands together for the entire length of the long notes. Pull your hands apart at the beginning of a rest or just before the end of a note when there are repeated notes.

Like all of the melodies in the previous units, each of the melodies that are in the same time signature in Unit 8 can be played together. However, they will not work well with the melodies in the other units.